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kolunji - ecology economic economic crisis ecosystem empowerment endocrine disfunction endocrine disruption endocrine disruptor endosulfan energy conservation energy consumption energy sector environment environmental environmental impacts epidemic etofenprox factsheet farm appraisal farm development farm innovations farmer farmer field school farmer's rights farmers farming methods farming system farms fertility management fertilizers fipronil fish farming, sustainable livelihood, agroecology, fisherfolk floriculture food food crisis food insecurity food security food sovereignty food system free political prisoners free trade agreements fundraising garden gender equality gene revolution genetic engineering genetic erosin genetic modification genetic modified genetic modified organism genetic recombination genetic rice genetically engineered genetically engineered rice genetically engineered seeds genetically modified genetically modified corn genetically modified organism genetically modified seeds global global warming globalisation globalization glyphosate glyposate gmos golden rice greenhouse effect hanging gardens harmful pesticides - glyphosate hazardous chemicals hazardous pesticides hazards technology health health risks herbicide herbicides hhps highly hazardous pesticides home home composting home gardening human rights hunger hybrid crops hybrid rice hybrid seeds hydrocarbon iffm illegal pesticide trade illegal pesticides immune suppresion immune suppression immune system disfunction immunotoxic immunotoxin impaired immune function indigenous peoples individual fundraising indonesia industrial agriculture industrial farming industrialisation industrialization insecticides insects integrated farming kolunji labour rights lambda-Cyhalothrin lambda-cyhalothrin land land acquisition land grabbing land reforms land rights landless lettuce leukemia liberalisation liberalization livelihood malathion mancozeb maneb marginalized marine marketing cooperative memory methamidophos methane mining mitigation mobilization mono-cropping monocrotophos motor skill problem movement building multi-cropping multicropping native customary land neo-liberalisation neonicotinoids neurological problems neurotoxicant nursery raising obesity organic agriculture organic diet organic farming organic pollutants organic vegetables palm oil plantation paraquat parathion participatory research peasants people's sovereignty peoples movement permethrin pest management pesticide pesticide exposure incident report pesticide industry pesticide management pesticide poisoning pesticide trade pesticides pesticides exposure pesticides risk reduction pests piperonyl butoxide plant propagation technique plantation plantation workers pollution potential developmental and behavioral effects potential developmental toxin poverty power plant productivity promoting organic farming propoxur public health pyrethroids reduced cognitive function reduced fetal growth reproductive damage reproductive health problems resources respiratory irritation rice rice breeding rice country profile rice crop rice farmers rice farming rice genome rice plant hoppers rice production rice seeds rice varieties roof top farming rooftop gardening rural development rural women schools science and technology seed seed breeding seed conservation seed selection seed sovereignty seed varieties seeds skin irritation slavery small farmers small scale farmers soil soil conservation soil improvement stem cutting sustainable agriculture sustainable development sustainable livelihood sustainable palm oil syngenta system of rice intensification (SRI) trade traditional rice varieties training training manual training module user training vegetable farming villagers volunteer woman women women agriculture women farmers workshops