Training of women farmers in the Niayes region of agroecology technical

Event Start Date
23-May-2016 11:15 am
Event End Date
27-May-2016 5:15 pm
Event Time Zone
Senegal Time
Event Location
Mbawane (Niayes)-Senegal

The training workshop is on various agroecological techniques. The main objective is to enhance the knowledge of participants about agroecology and illustrate concretely on the field how these concepts and tools are being implemented. At the end of the workshop, the 10 women farmers trained will in turn put into practice the acquired techniques on their own plots and diffuse the knowledge and skills to other members of their association and/or community.

Organiser:  Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Africa 
Venue: Mbawane (Niayes), Senegal

Event is Completed

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