Golden Rice: A Study

18th March, 2017

Golden rice is being promoted by GM advocates as a solution to malnutrition.

But it should be for the 'target populations' in the Philippines and elsewhere to decide whether to accept the technology - and they dont want it!

Recent articles and statements from the UK Environment Minister and others raise some interesting issues with respect to genetically modified .
But those promoting Golden rice in the UK and elsewhere appear to be doing so more as means of promoting the wider GM agenda - and attacking opponents of the than as serious means of solving problems in the global south.
And they entirely miss what are for us the main issues in the debate. First, problems of malnutrition are best addressed in their totality,
not by a relentless focus on a single nutrient out of the hundreds essential for good health.

Golden rice is far from being a sustainable solution to vitamin deficiency - it encourages a diet based solely on rice. In Greenpeaces opinion, the tens of millions of dollars invested in the development and promotion of GM rice would have been better spent in supporting solutions that work.

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WE DO not eat rice for Vitamin A since there are plenty of vegetables and Vitamin A-rich food sources that can meet our need. So, if someone looks for Vitamin A in rice, instead of green and yellow Vitamin A-rich vegetables, we will, of course, question the persons common sense or competence in open source knowledge. But if someone tells us that they have designed rice in such a way that we can now get Vitamin A from the rice, such persons are called scientists.

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