The International People’s Agroecology Multiversity (IPAM) is part of strengthening the people’s movement that challenges profit-driven, corporate control of agriculture and food production.

The need for Agroecology:

  • Agroecology improves health and nutrition through more diverse, safe, nutritious and fresh diets and reduce incidence of pesticide poisonings and pesticide-related diseases
  • Agroecology works with nature, protects biodiversity and understands the ecosystem
  • It improves resilience to climate change and mitigate its effects
  • It values indigenous knowledge systems and traditional farming practices
  • It improves livelihood and economic stability with more diverse sources of income and increases profit for farmers and women
  • It suports local food systems and links ecology, culture, economics, and society to ensure sustainable food production, healthy environments, and viable food and farming communities.

PAN Asia the Pacific (PANAP), as one of the prime movers of IPAM, together with its partners of farmers, women’s groups, CSOs, research and academic institutions, has been campaigning against harmful pesticides and promoting food sovereignty. IPAM is its contribution to promote agroeocology; facilitate people’s collective action and movement-building as well as a tool for research and learning on agroecology approaches.